A Game of Thrones & A Storm of Swords

First and foremost we now have the new cover for A Storm of Swords Pt 1: Steel and Snow to tie in with the new Game of Thrones series starting on the 1st April!
What do you think?
While we do love a good dragon on our cover we tend to think the crown on black from Clash of Kings was a stronger visual. We’re probably most excited for this season for 2 reasons. Firstly this is the book where the action really starts to pick up and big things happen, but also because the rumour is that they will be adapting the events of both parts of A Storm of Swords chronologically for the TV series, so this season will contain elements from Blood and Gold as well!
Last week we also had a screening of the Season 2 episode ‘Blackwater’ in Sydney on the big screen with a Q&A afterward with Michelle Fairley, AKA Catelyn Stark! It was great to see the battle on the big screen and the amazing effects and action stood up really well.

Michelle did her best to defend King Joffrey actor Jack Gleason and convince us that he’s REALLY nice in real life. Still, some audience members didn’t seem convinced!

They had a life-sized replica of the Iron Throne too that you could sit on too!

Lastly we just discovered this ingenious re-cut and re-imagined intro credit sequence for Game of Thrones as if it were made in the mid to late 1990s:

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