Voyager Author of the Month: Sara Douglass

“Sara is the godmother of fantasy storytelling in Australia/NZ and she blazed the trail where I followed and then a legion of new writers - especially women - began to march.” – Fiona McIntosh

Sara Douglass was born in Adelaide but moved to Hobart in later life to write full time. She was a lecturer in mediaeval history for La Trobe University for many years and was the first author to be published on the Australian Voyager imprint in 1995. She published 19 books of epic and historical fantasy with Voyager. She has won the Norma K Hemming award, the Australian Shadow’s Award and was nominated three times for the US-based Reviewer’s Choice awards.  She influenced and inspired many Australian authors, including fellow Voyager author Fiona McIntosh, and was truly a pioneering voice for female fantasy writers. She died in Hobart in September 2011.

This month we are releasing a very special 20th Anniversary edition of Sara’s first book, and one of Voyager Australia’s first releases, BattleAxe. We are also honoured to be hosting several guest-posts by several of Sara’s fellow authors and friends who will share their memories of her over the course of this month.

BattleAxeAbout BattleAxe:

A thousand years ago the Acharites drove the Forbidden from their land. Now strange sightings along Achar’s northern border foreshadow their return. The barbaric tribes of the Ravensbund are pouring south with tales of fearsome beings who feed on the terror of their prey.

Axis, bastard son of the dead Princess Rivkah, is sent to the battlefront of Gorkenfort with his elite Axe-Wielders. Once there, he must hand over command to his hated half-brother, Borneheld. But travelling north, Axis falls in love with Faraday – Borneheld’s bethrothed, and meets two priests who challenge the very essence of his beliefs.

The Sentinels walk the land, the TreeFriend has been found, and the people of the Plough, the Wing and the Horn must set aside their differences and unite under one leader against the evil rising in the North…

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