Voyager Author of the Month: Steve Wheeler

Steve Wheeler has worked as a policeman, a bronze sculptor and has been a knife and swordsmith for Peter Jackson’s 3 foot 7 workshop, the company behind the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. Steve was born in 1957 and raised in Napier, New Zealand. The eldest son in a socially conscious boatbuilding family, he was given the option at age 18 of either becoming a Catholic Priest or a Policeman – he chose the latter. He has also experienced extensive military service. He lives with his wife Elizabeth and their two children, Luke and Charlotte, plus numerous animals, on their 20-acre lifestyle block in Hawkes Bay.

Steve’s latest Fury of Aces novel, Onyx Javelin, is out now!

Onyx JavelinAbout Onyx Javelin:

There is life everywhere throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. It takes forms that will astonish and frighten, that will challenge and terrify as they exist within the greater fight of existence: eat or be eaten. But to the crew of the frigate Basalt, those alien life forms that exist in the near vacuum of interplanetary space only serve to be of fascination in the crew’s quest for knowledge.

And there is a vicious conflict brewing as the Octopoids test the occupants of an outer planet of Humanity, in all its varied forms, probing and looking for the weaknesses of the marshalled forces. But who is the enemy really?

‘Wheeler has crafted a world overflowing with technological realism, imaginative depth and rollicking adventure.’ – Dominion Post.




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