Voyager Author of the Month: J.J. Gadd

JJ Gadd is an Australian writer based in regional Victoria. She likes green and growing things, cooking, and history – particularly antiquities. The call to writing came young, and she worked as a journalist and editor for more than 15 years, garnering the life experience she thought she’d need in order to do justice to the story she’s wanted to write since she was a girl. Now that she’s a grown-up she’s realised that life experience is something that keeps happening – but she wrote the story anyway.

J.J.’s latest book is the fifth book in a her Lunation series, Cloudstalker, and is out now!

About Cloudstalker :

Book 5 in the compelling Lunation Series, where readers can choose their own path through the story!

The Boy and his companions consult the mythical Cloud Collectors for advice, only to discover they must now confront a greater evil that has lain dormant under their noses the whole time. Marama’s servants are an unwitting cover for an ancient curse that has been secretly devouring the people of their land. It must be stopped!




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