Fantastic Feb books!

 The first of our big new releases for 2013 are hitting the shelves tomorrow and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on them! First up we have the start of a new series, The Time-Keepers, by the the amazing Traci Harding, Dreaming of Zhou Gong. We love the bold new cover look, which we think will really stand out.

This time Traci takes us to China, but an ancient China not quite as the history books tell us … The Wu have been living in isolation for decades while the Shang Emperor and his enchantress have ruled the land. It has been a terrible time for the common people and the noble Ji brothers are keen to bring the emperor′s arrogant bloodthirsty reign to an end. They believe an ancient prophecy has predicted the fall of the Shang emperor and they are keen to enact it, but first they must journey to the mountain and seek out the Wu.

When the Ji brothers join forces with the beautiful, enigmatic Hudan and her equally mysterious tiger sister, they begin a powerful journey of love and adventure.

Next up we have the next book in Peter V. Brett’s dark Demon Cycle series, The Daylight War! Civil War has erupted and threatens to divide humanity, just as they need to unite to battle the coming demon horde …On the night of a new moon all shadows deepen.

Arlen Bales understands the coreling threat better than anyone. Born ordinary, the demon plague has shaped him into a weapon so powerful he has been given the unwanted title of saviour, and attracted the attention of deadly enemies both above and below ground.

Unlike Arlen, Ahmann Jardir embraces the title of Deliverer. His strength resides not only in the legendary relics he carries, but also in the magic wielded by his first wife, Inevera, a cunning and powerful priestess whose allegiance even Jardir cannot be certain of.

Once Arlen and Jardir were like brothers. Now they are the bitterest of rivals. As humanity′s enemies prepare, the only two men capable of defeating them are divided against each other by the most deadly demons of all: those that lurk in the human heart …

Peter did a great Q&A with our US friends on the Global Voyager blog too, all about his writing and The Daylight War!

If you missed it in trade paperback, you can also catch the second volume in Jennifer Fallon’s Rift Runners series, The Dark Divide, a tale of Druids, Shinto warriors and twins seperated across parallel earths in a new smaller edition too!

Check out the beautiful animated trailer for The Daylight War!


4 Responses to “Fantastic Feb books!”

  1. sheena says:

    When is 'The Daylight War' due out as an EBook?

  2. Mark C says:

    Mark C

    The book is a thirty-two-page catalogue that chronicles the world of Doctor Grordbort. Inventor extraordinaire, Dr Grordbort has a gadget for everything, and in this meticulous catalogue of weaponry, he showcases a world where chivalry is not dead, advertising is beautiful, and rayguns look too pretty to be lethal.
    Dr Grordbort proffers to you to ruminate over these wonders of modern boffinry. Scrutinise these revelations of science and defy yourself not to send large money orders at once.
    One for the Boys! Tired of waking up to miscreant Martian meanderings on your estate? Fed up with rival corporate ninjas pilfering trade secrets? Or merely out for a spot of endangered beasty butchering? The MANMELTER 3600 is the thing for you!
    Be a better man with a MANMELTER. Your wife may come back to you!
    Inside the book you will find the shiniest new bifurnilizers, metal manservants, and automated travel loungers. Also included for entertainment and scientific education is a compartmentalised picture story (some call them comics) of the world-famous naturalist, Lord Cockswain.

    Hi Sheena! It should be out tomorrow as far as we can tell from our system. Let us know if you have any issues though!

  3. Mark C says:

    Hi Sheena ( and anyone else waiting for The Daylight War )- we've only just be informed that The Daylight War won't be on shelves or available for download until the 11th Feb.. sorry for the miscommunication guys!

  4. sheena says:

    Thanks for letting us know Mark

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