Feast of Feist reminder

Here is your hint, hint, nudge, nudge to get your Feist review in by the 15th May for your chance to win  a Voyager book every month for a whole year, starting with your own copy of Magician’s End! All you have to do is write a short review for your favourite Feist Midkemian book and post it in our competition Forum here. Good luck and get writing!

To help inspire you here’s a review written by our biggest in-house Feist fan Tim:

It’s hard to say which of Feist’s 30 novels is my favourite. When I look back there are scenes from a few books that I can recall easily, simply because they are pivotal moments in the series but because they about characters that I’d grown to love.Wrath of a Mad God

Erik Von Darkmoor first appeared in The Serpent War saga, and he really grew on me when he was one of the desperate men who were forced to join Calis’ Crimson Eagles on Novindus — something about a mercenary company always impresses. His character grew across the saga, rising in the rank to become a Knight-Captain and being a pivotal player in the safety of the Kingdom against Kesh. What cemented his place was his final appearance in Wrath of a Mad God when he makes his last stand on Kelewan against the Dasati.

Nakor is another brilliant character that has endeared readers to the series. His rucksack that allows him to steal apples and oranges, his wit, and his outlook on magic have really made him a stand out as the series progressed, especially in The Serpent War saga and subsequent books. His latest reincarnation in The Chaos War saga has been epic and I’ve loved the evolution that Feist has created for him.

Shadow of a Dark Queen   So really, when it comes down to it, what I’m saying is that it’s the characters that have the most impact on deciding which is my favourite Feist novel. No matter how much I loved the original, Magician, where we are first introduced to Pug and Tomas and the world of Midkemia and Kelewan, it’s the later books were he found his groove as a storyteller and developed such well-rounded characters that have been my favourite. I feel The Serpent War saga is the best, just because it’s got Erik and Nakor, but if I have to pick one, Shadow of a Dark Queen would be it – just because it sets up what is an excellent sequence of books with my two favourite characters.

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