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To enter, tell us in the Facebook post below which noble house you belong to and why? You can use our Noble House guide below if you need help.

Noble Houses
A Song of Fire and Ice features many Noble Houses that rule the Known World. Each house is made up of colourful characters, and there’s no hard and fast rules as to the changing characteristics and behaviours of the people that make up a Noble House. However, there are some general traits we’ve noticed, and we’ve collected them in this guide to Noble Houses from George R. R. Martin’s hit series.

House Stark
Good cannot comprehend evil.
The principal house of the North, situated in one of the oldest castles in the Seven Kingdoms. Heroic and honourable, often to their own detriment, Stark’s expect others to act as honourably as them and frequently make promises they fully intend to keep until honour and duty gets in the way. The Stark family love each other unconditionally, rather than treating each other as pawns. Starks generally have grey eyes, dark hair and long faces.

House Lannister
Pretty and Mean
The Lannisters are the richest family in Westeros, thanks to some insane gold mines. They are generally very beautiful with green eyes and blonde hair and fiercely ambitious often high-functioning alcoholics in disguise. Lannisters are merciless and do not pay any heed to virtue and honour, considering ethics to be a hindrance to their ambitions of power. Although usually the most cunning and clever in the room, Lannisters often get in their own way as their wordiness and pride can trip them up.

House Baratheon
Large and in charge.
Youngest of the Great houses the Baratheons are the current royal house. Proud and powerful and aggressive warriors, Baratheons traditionally have black hair and blue eyes, males are of large and muscular build and generally have big and stubborn personalities, contributing to much family tension and dysfunction. The Baratheons tend to have a ‘you kill it, you bought it’ mentality.

House Targeryen
Three-headed beast
The Targeryens are a powerful and ruthless lot who ruled over the Seven Kingdoms for nearly 300 years thanks to their innate connection with and ability to capture and ride dragons! With somewhat of a superiority complex, Targeryens keep to their own, literally! Their incestuous practices not only result in a strong family resemblance having silver-blonde hair and purple eyes, but often result in madness or deformity. Cruel, screwed up, full of pride, rich and good-looking, Targeryens walk the knife-edge between madness and genius.

House Greyjoy
Rebel without a cause
The general vibe of team Greyjoy can be gleaned from their name, anti-academic, preferring action by force the Greyjoy’s are not very good at the whole work-life balance thing. With their only ‘joy’ being violence and cruelty they find themselves at a loss in their down-time, in their drear surrounds, often picking fights with one another instead. They’re a hedonistic bunch prone to alcoholism who take pride in the fact that they do no honest work of their own ‘we do not sew’, preferring to steal and pillage, instead. Despite all this, they’re considered quite good-looking.

House Arryn
Blue-blooded philosopher
The principal house in the Vale of Arryn, this is a proud bunch, especially of their pure lineage and heritage. House Arryn always value honour before reason and fancy themselves enlightened, remaining proud of their region, customs, and knightly, militaristic culture.

House Martell
Angry loners
Ruling House of the desert lands, the Martells were the only house that resisted conquest by the Targeryens and were allowed to remain sovereign. Despite being fiercely independent and hot-tempered, they are a close and loving family, without internal rivalries – they defend and protect all Martells whether they be illegitimate or nobility, male or female. They generally have dark features, ringletted hair and olive skin.

House Tully
Slippery Fish
This passionate and stubborn people have a strong sense of honour and duty but also have keen minds and are practical tradesmen. Members of the Tully clan tend to have red hair, high cheekbones and bright blue eyes. The leaping trout of the Tully sigil denotes rich river systems and general wealth. Conflicting loyalties run amok in the Tully clan – duty is divided between family and honour as House Tully is situated in the middle of the realm and constantly get dragged into battle by their neighbours, whether they like it or not. Tully’s can be hard to pin down, probably due to having far too many fish to fry!

House Tyrell
All roses have thorns
The Tyrell’s motto is ‘Growing Strong’ which could refer to their fertile land and enormous wealth but also subtly refers to their steady rise in ranks among the other houses, generally going unnoticed in their ambitions. Tyrell’s are disloyal, as a rule, and will only go with whoever is most likely to win. The Tyrell women are often the brains behind the operation and although they are bedecked in floral garb and surrounded by natural beauty – beware, roses have thorns – and the Tyrells do not succumb to sentimentality.


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