It’s a Feast of Feist!

Next May sees one of the grand masters of fantasy, Raymond E. Feist, penning the final book in his epic 9-series Midkemian saga, Magician’s End. To celebrate, and get everyone up to speed, we thought we’d offer the chance for you to win a year’s supply of Voyager books (which will be our top new release book delivered to your door each month ), starting with Magicians End!
We want you to read as many of Feist’s  28 Midkemian books as you can between now and the book’s release in May next year and post your reviews of them to the Forums. We’ll judge the winner based on both the quality and quantity of reviews. Sorry, Australian residents only guys!  To get the ball rolling, we asked our HR Director, and Feist fan, Jonathan to explain how important Feist, and particularly Magician, has been to him:

How I acquired the Fantasy Curse

I remember that I was in high school and I loved reading my Biggles books, Dick Francis and Jack Higgins. I was talking to a friend and complaining about having nothing to read, so he handed me his much loved copy (i.e. dog eared, and crushed) copy of Magician. I had never read Fantasy before and so didn’t really know what I was in for.

I started reading the book on the bus home and then — ignoring homework — continued to read Magician into the night, finishing at approximately 2:30 the next morning. I had never read anything that captured my imagination as much as that book. There was a whole world of dragons, magic and mayhem and at the heart of it, two ordinary boys who became very extraordinary (on a side note, I always wanted to be Tomas rather than Pug – as he got to ride a Dragon!).

I was hooked, and that weekend walked an hour to the nearest second hand bookshop so I could spend my pocket money on buying Silverthorn and A Darkness at Sethanon.

Ten (ahem — maybe fifteen or twenty if we are being exact) years later, I now mainly read fantasy and have a house filled with different fantasy books. But Magician will always be the book that started my love of fantasy, which is why I now own roughly six copies of it in various different editions as well as all of the other books in the series.

So that is how I was cursed with a love of Fantasy Books; a curse which has seen me spend more money than I care to think about on books, cost me half my living space to bookshelves and meant that I have spent some very special hours in worlds with Hobbits, Rangers, Magicians and most importantly Dragons a curse that started with one book —  Magician by Raymond Fiest.

So let the Feast begin!

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