Lifeforms from the Supanova Ecosystem

Check out our album of the various life forms in the Supanova Pop Culture Expo ecosystem. Thanks to the awesome Kylie Chan for spending 2 whole days signing books and catching up with her readers and to everyone who came to visit us at the stand. We'd love to see any pics you have as well!

  • Maybe.. in a parallel universe...?!
  • Kylie Chan signing away!
  • Elves from the Brisbane Tolkien Society
  • It's Jocasta Nu! What? You don't remember her? She was the Jedi librarian in Episode II!
  • Anyone up for trip anywhere in time and space?
  • The Chameleon Circuit is still kinda broken ...
  • 3 well dressed denizens from Wonderland
  • Even the Witch-king of Angmar can't wait for The Hobbit movie!
  • A representative from Vader's Fist, the 501st Clone Trooper Legion
  • The biggest Lego Millenium Falcon we ever did see! ( We have it on good authority that a certain Voyager staff member owns this too )
  • Our stand proudly proclaimed our authors!
  • Darth Nihilius
  • Gambit!
  • Out with the old, in with the new.
  • Jon Snow almost cracked a smile when he picked up his copy of the Lands of Ice and Fire maps...
  • Upside-down! Upside-down!
  • Khal Drogo gave us some pointers.
  • The little-est Vader of all!
  • Chillin' like a villain
  • Kyuubi - the nine-tailed fox of Japanese mythology! ( thanks for illuminating us Kylie Chan! )
  • The Avengers head out from some shwama
  • You have been duly warned.
  • Minecraft!
  • The Lord of Winterfell dropped by.
  • That which holds the image of an angel...

4 Responses to “Lifeforms from the Supanova Ecosystem”

  1. Mark C says:

    This is from the Brisbane Supanova too:

  2. KimFalconer says:

    lol That's just crazy funny! Thank you!:):eek:;)

  3. KimFalconer says:

    Love the pics! Jon Snow!!! Khal! (and his biceps!), a kyuubi!!! It's all so incredible! Having fun much? !!!

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