New April Books!

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter A- April, Awesome & Aussie! We have two spanking new volumes in Duncan Lay’s Empire of Bones series and K.J. Taylor’s The Risen Sun series; Valley of Shields & The Shadowed Throne.
About Valley of Shields: Following on from his victory in Vales exiled Sendatsu and his new companions Rhiannon and Huw returns to Dokuzen – a city where deceit runs deep and Sendatsu expects an unwelcome reception in his quest to reclaim his children. How will Sendatsu and his unlikely allies know who to trust when they can barely trust each other?

And when Dokuzen comes under fierce attack, Sendatsu′s fight to survive will need to be more desperate than ever. Especially when this attack reveals who the real enemy is…

About The Shadowed Throne: Laela the half-breed raised in the South is now the Queen of the North. The seemingly invincible King Arenadd Taranisaii and his partner, the dark griffin Skandar, are missing. The Northerners blame Laela for Arenadd′s disappearance, but she knows the truth…

With only her griffin partner Oeka to help her rule, Laela struggles to maintain power and tensions mount with Arenadd′s cousin, Saeddryn, who believes  she is the rightful ruler. Laela is forced into a desperate fight to stay queen as the entire North is plunged into a brutal civil war.

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