You know nothing about cosplay Jon Snow, would you like to learn?

Hi everyone, I’m Mel.
I am a writer, nerd and cosplayer from Brisbane who some of you may already know from my few previous Voyager blog posts. I’m pretty excited to tell you all that I’m now going to be a bit of a regular around here and I’m even more excited to reveal that my regular blog posts are going to be all about de-mystifying some areas of sci-fi, fantasy and pop culture.I know that, while I consider myself a nerdy authority in some areas, I have no idea how to break into other things, which means there are sure to be people out there who feel the same way.

So, I’m going to talk about some things I do know about, go off and read and learn and do other things that I have no idea about and share everything here with you. To start off, I’m going to share the way I put together a cosplay and help those of you who might want to get into cosplaying, but don’t know where to start.

The costume I’m going to be working on is Ygritte, the wildling woman and spearwife from George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. The event I’ll be wearing it at is Brisbane Supanova in November. I’ve wanted to cosplay Ygritte from the moment she first appeared on the TV series, and the fact that George RR Martin and Peter Dinklage are going to be here for Supanova, has spurred me along.

So, while I panic a little and try to get my costume finished in just over two months, this is how I get started! I’m going with a more TV-centred version of Ygritte. So, the first stop is to get on Google Image Search and save a bunch of screen shots. I look for close up detailed shots so I can figure out how I am going to put together each piece of the costume.

Then, I make a list. I start with the main pieces of clothing, then add accessories and lastly, write a list of craft materials I’ll need.

For Ygritte, the main pieces are a coat, pants and boots.  The accessories are gloves, belt, spear, bow and arrow and her quiver.

I’m not going to sew this costume from scratch, though I have done that in the past. This time, because Ygritte’s outfit patched and stained, worn and weathered, I’m going to work with an olive green coat I’ve already got in my wardrobe. I used this as a base colour when I went and bought some cheap track pants and slippers to use as the boots. I’ll sew some leather strapping and fur onto all the pieces and give them a weathered look with fabric paints. I might even take the pieces to a mud-flat beach near my house and give them a good rub in the mud!

I’ll be back with more about putting together my costume soon, but in the meantime, send me an email at and let me know what are some pop culture things you’d like me to de-mystify for you. Have you seen the new Man of Steel movie and want to start reading the comics but don’t know where to begin? Do you want to know what people are up to in Games Workshops shops in malls around Australia?

I’ve got some great stuff planned, but I want to make sure I’m exploring areas that you all want to read about, so make sure you let me know!

Coat that I used for the base piece

crafting supplies


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